About Us

It all started in 1974. Dan’s father, Alan, always enjoyed auctions and decided to go to Auction College and give it a try. The day after graduation he and a partner conducted a huge auction with little experience. It went very well and ther es is history.

Allen went on to be an instruction at World Wide Auction College for many years and taught thousands of students the art of auctioneering.

Dan graduated at the top of his class in 1982 and has conducted 100’s of successful auctions all across North Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Dan has a full staff and can tell you exactly how and what to expect right up to the auction day.

We offer a full auction service including all state of the art marketing, setup, clerking , and auctioneering on site or inside an auction center.

We sell the land and everything on it.

Having conducted several hundred auctions and selling over 50 million dollars in personal property and real estate, we have had lots of experience and know the current market value you might expect to receive.

Give us a call today.

We will be happy to stop by and visit with you about one of the most important days of your life…your auction day.

DAN LOW AUCTIONS — Today’s Marketing Advantage

Dan is a licensed Real Estate Broker and also is the owner of Worth Realty in Northwood, Iowa.